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Flow Chic Systems is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction, we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. 

Now offering Environmental Compliance Consulting and Hazardous Material CERS Certified Compliance. We do the work for you, the right way! 
With such niche scientific backgrounds, you can count on over 18 years of experience with a variety of Immunology laboratory consulting, and now consulting on hazardous materials and waste with a highly qualified CERS certified team. 

We are CERS qualified, environmental lab proficient and specialized in hazardous waste materials. Consulting for above ground underground storage tanks and CUPA Compliance. Mechanic shops, auto body shops, labs, plating shops, or any type of restaurant. Call us we can help you report your chemicals and hazardous materials to the state per regulations. 

Operating with environmental labs, inspections, audits and rarely any observations. We can assess and assist in how to properly dispose of hazardous materials. 

Our team also continues to specialize in flow cytometry applications and validations. Whether you are in academia, pharma, life sciences, hospitals, clinics,CRO, CMO, reference or core labs Flow Chic Systems has experience both in Research and Clinical Flow Cytometry. We attend Flow Cytometry summits and user meetings to keep up with our knowledge of breakthrough products and technology. We are able to setup specific protocols, panels, and worklists tailored to your lab's specific needs and studies.Our understanding of networking can allow for analysis offline and your data directly transferred to your dock station or laptop. We help PIs validate instruments and settings to make sure their studies are accurate and performed in a timely manner. Look around our website for various applications and more information on how we can help your lab get set up and running. 

              Please Contact for more information at                                                     Email: arpie@flowchicsystems.com 
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